DCS series Packaging Machine

  • Type:DCS series Packaging Machine
  • Weighing range(kg):25-50
  • Packing speed(bag/h):180-240
  • Measuring accuracy:static ≤±0.1% dynamic ≤±0.2%

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Product Feature:

1. DCS series stainless steel premix electronic quantitative packaging, mainly matched with large and medium-sized feed factory equipment, professional for premix, concentrated feed for quantitative packaging.
2. Can also be used for: food industry of flour, starch, corn flour, yeast powder, salt and other packaging.
3. Chemical industry coating powder, metal powder, iron powder, calcium powder, zinc sulfate, barium sulfate and other packaging.
4. Coating powder of building materials industry, gypsum powder, mountain flour, and other powder material of the packing.

Equipment characteristics:
1. This equipment design compact structure, occupy small , weighing speed and weighing accuracy is high, good stability and easy operation. Besides artificial sack, entrainment, weighing, discharge, loose bags by automatically.

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