Stainless Steel Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

  • Type: 9HDZ Stainless Steel Single Shaft Paddle Mixer
  • Mixing time: 3-6 minutes
  • Mixed yield (kg/ batch): 500-1000
  • Application: suitable for all kinds of wet materials, biomass and other materials

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Product Feature:

  • All the machine made of the stainless steel making.
  • The blade design is adopted to improve the service life and reduce the residue.
  • The mixing uniformity coefficient of variation (less than 5%), you can add a variety of liquids.
  • The discharge door with full-length door structure and close locking mechanism to prevent leakage.
  • It is used in the main drive shaft mounted hardened reducer.
  • The mixture is suitable for all kinds of wet material, biomass and other materials.

Technical Parameter:

Model Matching power (kw) Production (kg/ batch) Exterior dimension (mm)
9HDZ 1 15 500 3350*1000*1500
9HDZ 2 22 1000 4670*1200*1720

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